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3 Steps To Creating Daily Affirmations That Work For You

I honestly started incorporating daily affirmations within the last couple months and I just cannot tell you how much they have helped me cope with stress, self-doubt, and negativity. I did not even know what affirmations really were until just recently. I have heard a lot about them and I have seen them being used on TV before but I never realized the impact they can have on your overall life.

Life is hard. Pain is inevitable.  It is how we handle them that shapes us.

Affirmations are simply statements that strengthens the relationship between your unconscious and conscious mind. It all comes down to the laws of attraction. The more you strengthen that relationship the more resilient you will be when confronted by challenges. The best way to strengthen it is to practice these affirmations every single day.

“You become what you believe” – Buddha

Affirmations have been known to help increase awareness of your thoughts and words making it easier to recognize negativity or self-doubt. They help you focus our energy on things we want, like achieving goals. It has the ability to program our minds into believing the stated concept since the mind does not know the difference between real and fantasy.

I have found that daily affirmations, especially in the morning, is the perfect way to start your day. Since I am still pretty new at affirmations, here are 3 simple steps that I used in creating the affirmations that I feel will work for me.

1 – Make a list of negative qualities. Include criticisms from others that you have been holding on to.

2 – Now write an affirmation statement on the positive aspect of those negative qualities you listed in step 1. If you need to find some powerful words, feel free to use a thesaurus to spice up your statements.

3 – Speak those affirmations out load for about five minutes preferably three times a day; morning, noon and evening. In the morning, I find it better effective to say it in front of the mirror. And since I am a writer, I find that writing out my affirmations several times in a notebook helps to reinforce these new beliefs since I am not always in from of a mirror or in a place where I can be talking to myself and not look completely insane.

Affirmations have become such a powerful tool for me to help change my mood and state of mind. I feel they have opened me up to new possibilities in life. Often enough I felt stuck in that “impossible” mindset. When you begin to positively affirm what is possible, a world of opportunity opens up.

Do you use affirmations? How often? What are you favorites?

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  1. Jessica
    3 months ago

    Thank you Pam for responding to my request! This definitely is helpful and sparked my interest on how to start incorporating Affirmations in my life.
    I realized that this will have to become a habit. Habit forming can be a task within itself! So I stumbled upon and thought I would share the Three R’s of Habit Formation.
    THANK YOU for kick-starting my Affirmations Journey!
    Xo, Jessy


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