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5 Quick Tricks To Get Your Toddler to Take Pics

I’m sure you all have noticed that Amelia has been pretty much MIA from my recent blogging activities. You may have also noticed my mommy and me segments have not yet been updated.

Homegirl cannot be bothered! Amelia has had enough of the pictures already. She refuses to pose, smile, or cooperate for photos. They do not look good at all! Either shes make a ridiculously funny face, crying, runs away, or frowning.

It has been so difficult to get this kid to pose and take a nice picture. The most annoying part of it all is that she gets such a kick out of it. She thinks its hilarious to run away from me as I beg for a photo.

I have been researching and finding ways to get a good photo out of her without her even realizing what I am doing. So if you are struggling to get your little one to pose during a photo shoot, here’s a couple tips I picked up in efforts to continue with my “mommy and me” segment and get my little one to take pics you will all love.

1 Be prepared to shoot the moment the session begins – toddlers have a short attention span; your time is limited

2 Do sitting poses – preferably something they are not comfortable wiggling off of.

3 Show them a new object – something interesting, something they’ve never seen before and set it on top of your camera. It will be difficult for you but at least you will get them looking at the camera.

4 Recruit someone to stand behind you and act silly or make funny sounds

5 Opt for candid photos – capture them exploring, playing or just sit next to them and have a conversation; talk about stickers or toys. You can also grab their favorite toy/book and capture them. Maybe go out for ice cream together and get a picture of them enjoying their ice cream


Kids will be kids so if they just aren’t having it, don’t push them. Make another attempt at a different time or another day. Don’t feel bad about it. Even adults have off days. Sometimes the second time around is much better.

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  1. Kimberly
    4 months ago

    I love snapping shots of my boys. I’d have to say that candid moments are my favorite, however, there are times that I do want to capture posed photos. Going to give these tricks a try!


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