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4 Tips I Learned About Being Married

My hubby and I recently went away for a weekend. We had a wedding in New Hampshire to attend and as usual, no children were allowed to attend.

So we booked a hotel room and planned for a babysitter for the night. We only spent 1 night away from the girls but boy was that 1 night a game changer.

Ariel and I had not had a night out of the house, just the two of, in years. I think since before the girls were born. Or maybe our honeymoon nights in Hawaii.

I didn’t realize how much our marriage needed a night off until I actually got one. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our occasional date nights; both at home and outside the home. But being away from home for a night, just me and him, without Aylah and Amelia, was a whole other experience. Its like we were in the beginning stages of dating again. We could not keep our hands off each other and of course the sex was way better!

It almost made me feel bad that I had not previously made my marriage more of a priority. Instead, I am too busy caring for my girls and working my jobs. I was just too busy with life to even find the energy to try.

But the reality is that it just as important to find time for our hubbys. Marriage should be a priority as well. With time, you will find yourselves as merely roommates and once your kids are older and moved out, it will feel like you’re complete strangers.


So here are 4 tips for nurturing your marriage:

1 – Have each other’s backs. Provide support, uplift and encourage one another. Remember: teamwork makes the dream work!

2 – Show affection and sexual intimacy. Finding time for intimacy can be tricky especially if you have little ones. Come bed time, most of us are exhausted. This is where communication is key. You must set aside time to snuggle.

3 – Take care of home. Provide meals and maintain a clean and comfortable home for the both of you. The atmosphere plays a vital role at how you feel or interpret actions. Light some candles, prepare a nice meal and create a healthy environment for everyone.

4 – Take care of each. Lets face it, most men are babies. They need to be cared for when sick and uplifted when feeling down.  Some people decline help, but its important to insist anyway. You know your spouse well, when having a rough day at work, do something to make the other feel better. Make some tea or bake some cookies. Do whatever it takes to make your spouse feel better.


Its so easy to let life stir you away from your spouse but it is important to keep the flames burning. Our spouses are just as important as our children and our relationships need nurturing. So get a baby sitter and spend a night away from home. Get a hotel about an hour away so that your far enough but still close. Forget about the demands of your everyday lives and just enjoy each other’s company. You will be surprise at how different your marriage/relationship will feel after just one night away.

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  1. keyla rafiel checo
    4 months ago

    I totally agree Pam! Not married but been together 7 years and those tips and some other things lol are definitely what has gotten us so far! Great post!

    1. pamela rosario
      4 months ago

      Thanks Beautiful! Being together 7 year makes you his wife in my book.

  2. Justine Shavis
    3 months ago

    Def. Agree with all those tips!! Couldnt have said it any better myself!… its just as important to make time for our hubbies & keep the marriage spicey… hehe 😉👌


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